Why Buy

When it comes to inflatables, it’s really a better option to buy your own instead of renting a used one. 

Want to know why
you should buy an
inflatable for your home?

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It’s good for the health

Playing and jumping and running and bouncing – our inflatables make it easy to work up a sweat while having fun! It’s a great way for children to spend time outdoors and soak up some sunlight, which is so important for their health and development. Bouncing and using all the other features of our large range of inflatables also helps develop crucial skills like balance and coordination, motor skills, social skills, strategic thinking – all in a safe environment. It’s definitely a better alternative to hours spent on gadgets, TV and videogames. 

Better value for money

Buying your very own inflatable is a one-time investment for day after day of fun for your kids– it’s great value for money as our durable inflatables can last for years, besides all the other benefits your kids will get as well. 

It’s clean and sanitary

Our inflatables are made of 100% stitched high-grade polyester and laminated PVC that are easy to clean and easy to dry. So, when you own and clean your inflatable, you’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing your kids are playing in a clean, healthy and wholesome environment. Learn more about repairs from our FAQ page under Maintenance & Repair.

Easy & convenient

All you need for a day of fun with your own inflatable is space and power. 60 seconds is all you need to inflate it and have a whole day of fun. Just get it out of storage, inflate and you’re ready to bounce, bounce, bounce!

Hassle-free storage

Our compact design makes storage completely effortless.

Easy handling

Our inflatables are lightweight, portable and come with their own carry bags, making them a breeze to move around. In fact, they can be carried by just one person!

Always available

With your very own inflatable, your kids can play with it every day, all year. No need to make reservations in advance, rent, or drive out to far away play parks. 

It’s safer

Because of our material’s high quality, they stay inflated even with pin pricks or punctures. All our inflatables also come with their own blower, user manual and a repair kit. As you’ll be in charge of the set up and maintenance, you’ll know it's in safe hands. And if you have any queries, we’re always available to help.

Great quality for long-lasting wear

All our inflatables are the result of years of research and development and are made with the finest materials to exacting international standards. This means they can last for many years of play – pass it down to siblings, cousins, any child you love.

It makes a great gift

Everybody loves a bouncy castle. And now that you know it’s many benefits to children’s health and development, you know that it’s a gift that keeps giving.





Each inflatable is 100% stitched from high grade polyester and laminated PVC. Easy to clean, easy to dry, they are perfect for hours of safe, wholesome play! In the event of rips and tears, they are also 100% repairable.

Safety Certifications Awarded:

For European countries

For North America
16CFR1500.3/16CFR1505, UL & ASTM 

ISO 9001: 2008 compliant